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"I've been having Pilates lessons with Laura for the past 5 weeks. I literally cannot tell you how life changing these sessions have been for me. I've had no pain from my fibromyalgia at all and zero headaches. I walk taller, stand straighter and can a million per cent feel the difference it's made to me. I am actually amazed to be honest and my only regret is I waited so long to do it! Laura is the most incredible teacher, patient and caring, and tailors the sessions specifically to what her client needs. I honestly cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Rachel Joseph


"Laura is an inspiring and caring teacher who has helped me reconnect with my body and recover from diastasis recti, back and pelvic pain. My posture and flexibility are much improved and she has given me life- long tools to manage physical challenges resulting from my sedentary job. The results are beyond my imagination and expectations, and the journey has been joyous too. I highly recommend her!"

Sandra Correia

"Laura is very professional and an excellent teacher. After my last pregnancy, I suffered from back pain. My sessions with her were progressively challenging and in accordance with my pain level. We focused a lot on strengthening my core and back, and that helped with my pain, improving my everyday life."

Alex Perry

"My sessions with Laura were relaxing and enjoyable. During my pregnancy we worked on relaxation and visualisation techniques, and breathing. It helped me feel more confident about the birth. Laura is a fantastic teacher and has a very calming and encouraging nature. Her great communications skills made me feel very safe during every session."

Sarah Green

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